Ateen HOME MADE Sweet (Meethi) Spicy & Zesty Chutney (Code: )

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Introducing the NEW Ateen meethi chutney, an exclusive item offered from Indian Blend. This sweet, spicy and zesty chutney is made with 100% freshly ground spices, imli, cinnamon, crushed apples and NO water is added. Ateen is a one of a kind, irresistible chutney that is bursting with flavor from the moment you open the jar. Indulge yourself in its heavenly aroma and the exquisite taste of freshness. This enticing chutney enhances the flavors for dahi vadas and all kinds of raithas. Use it as a topping for Bhel, samosas, pakoras, patties, pitas and any kind of snacks! Discover the delightful taste of Ateen's (meethi) sweet chutney that you cannot get anywhere else, but Indian Blend!
Made with apple, cinnamon, imli, sugar, masala mix, and contains NO water.
Don't forget to try our delicious Papdi Chaat recipe using Ateen Sweet Spicy & Zesty Chutney:
Boil potatoes and onions. Cut into pieces and place on Papdi. Top off with Ateen's chutney and Sev, and enjoy a delicious snack.


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