Ateen HOME MADE Royal Tomato Chutney (Code: )

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Manufacturer: Ateen

Introducing the NEW Ateen Royal Tomato Chutney, an exclusive brand offered at Indian Blend. Many of you have experienced Ateen's sweet, spicy and zesty chutney. Now Ateen offers an exciting tomato chutney that is made with 100% freshly ground spices and tomatoes. Ateen is a one of a kind, irresistible chutney that is bursting with flavor from the moment you open the jar. Indulge yourself in its heavenly aroma and the exquisite taste of freshness. This enticing chutney can be served with rice, chapathis, dosa, idli, pita chips or even as a spread on bread! Be creative, try it with your favorite snacks and discover the uniqueness of Ateen's Royal Tomato Chutney that you cannot get anywhere else, but Indian Blend!
Made with tomato, coconut, garlic, vinegar, savory spices.


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