Ashoka Patra in Oil (Code: )

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Manufacturer: Ashoka

Taste the original Indian taste with Ashoka's Patra. Patra is made with Indian leaves curried with spices in oil. It is a truely authentic cuisine and it is also a vegan dish. Enjoy Patra as a simple snack or consume as an accompaniment to our favorite meal. There are countless ways you can enjoy these delicious entree.
Ingredients: Aloo leaves (Indian leaves), chick pea flour, wheat flour, water, sugar, green chilli, sesame seeds, salt, chilli powder, tamarind, shredded copra, fresh ginger, mustard seeds, cumin, coriander, ajwain, black pepper powder, tumeric powder, and savory spices.
Nutrition Facts: 0% Trans Fat!
A product of India.


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