Hajmola Digestive Tablets (Chatpata Flavor) - 120 chewable piece (Code: )

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Manufacturer: Dabur

This chatpata treat is a tasty fun filled digestive that stimulates your digestive power. Take after each meal and savor every bite with this convenient digestive tablet. Dabur Hajmola was originally an Ayurvedic digestive medicine. It is the first to be branded as a product. Hajmola also is a market leader with 75% share of the digestive tablets segment in India. Enjoy this yummy and healthy treat any time of the day and chew slowly to improve the taste.
Health Benefits:
~Eases condition of flatulence
~Controls Dyspepsia
~Increases appetite
~Helps in proper digestion and relieves indisgestion
Ingredients: Sugar, rock salt, black salt, cumin, black pepper, long pepper, ginger, ammonium chloride, citric acid.
Recommend Dose:
~Adults and elderly (1 -2 tablets)
~Children (1 tablet)


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